Dec. 6th, 2005

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This picture went up on one of the Lost ARG sites this weekend, but apparently got taken down right away. Based on this bagua diagram (which I realize may or may not be correct, but based on what little I remember looks more or less right), here's what I'm seeing on the wall:

The three complete lines=Helpful People, Heaven, Travel- H.R (Hugo [Hurley] Reyes?)
broken whole broken=career, water, ancestral- C.P. (Charlie Pace?)
broken broken whole=knowledge, mountain, hands- obscured (post-it says Not Her Kid- Claire or Rousseau?)
whole broken broken=Family/Health, thunder, wood, foot- C.L. (Claire? arrow to ? is Aaron before she named him?)
broken whole whole=Health, wind, hips- S.R. (Shannon Rutherford?)
whole broken whole=Fame/Rank, reputation, fire- J.S.K. (Jin?)
3 broken=Marriage, mother, abdomen, earth- J.L (Locke?)
whole whole broken=Children, descendant/offspring, metal, lake- C.S. J.S. (Christian Shepherd Jack Shepherd?)


Hurley being aligned with "helpful", Claire to "Family", Jin to "Rank", and "Knowledge" being obscured all really stick out to me. And Walt's in the middle (with maybe Aaron). Is he the fulfillment of the bagua, containing all parts in equal amounts? The potentiality?

Here's a chart of the I Ching hexagrams, which are combinations of two of the bagua trigrams.

Chart of the elements
Metal feeds Water (Jack -> Charlie)
Metal conflicts with Wood (Jack vs. Claire)
Water feeds Wood (Charlie -> Claire [that one actually works])
Water conflicts with Fire (Charlie vs. Jin)
Wood feeds Fire (Claire -> Jin)
Wood conflicts with Earth (Claire vs. Locke)
Fire feeds Earth (Jin -> Locke)
Fire conflicts with Metal (Jin vs. Jack)
Earth feeds Metal (Locke -> Jack [hey, another one that works!])
Earth conflicts with Water (Locke vs. Charlie)

Not perfect, but JJ probably isn't going to follow through on everything.

You'd have to have one anal son of a bitch GM, but I contend yet again that Lost would be an excellent RPG.


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