Aug. 4th, 2006

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In thinking more about converting Kingdom Hearts to d20, I got to thinking that the Keyblade Wielder is really only good for a Very Specific type of campaign. Unless your players are Really Into That Sort of Thing, he's a bit of a useless git. Cool, but useless outside of his extremely narrow context (i.e. fighting Heartless/Nobodies and locking the Heart of the World).

Make a great NPC, though. I mean, it's obvious that Leon and his harem have all sorts of adventures (including, apparently, lobotomizing Aerith) while Sora & Co. are out Saving the Universe. That could be a cool campaign in and of itself: your town/planet blew up, there's universal implications, but you're not the Chosen One(s). Protect your home, rebuild, and keep the Chosen One and Party from doing even more damage when they come through. If the Blowers Up are not tied to a single nation or race, how do you define "enemy"? How do you discern who your enemies are? If your home is totally gone, how do you feel about the place to which you've relocated? How do they feel about you? How much news do you get about what's going on in the rest of the world/universe/whatever? Do you care?

It could turn into a super-political game, or it could be all "frak, go hide in Helm's Deep, hold them off as best we can, and hope the guy with the magic sword shows up in time". Great opportunities for exploration, the PCs will have an immediate and tangible impact on their surrounds, and having the Universe's Champion roll in and say "hey, I couldn't have done it without you, no really" is kinda neat. It also leaves open the possibility of Another World-Shattering Crisis that the PCs are equipped to deal with because it's outside the Chosen's specialty/purpose. Assuming the Chosen One survives, of course.

Ooooh, just had a thought: parallel campaigns. Each player has a character in the Chosen One's party and another in the Home Team. Alternate sessions between the two plotlines. Or have two groups of players who occasionally get together for some cross-over scenes. Shiny.


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