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The huge map of the Island of Misfit Attractions (i.e. a Disney park of proposed but never-built attractions, mixed with my own creations and updates of no longer extant classics) on my dining room table just collided in my head with the recent and potential fallout from the Mission:Space incident. I started wondering-should an E ticket attraction be an E ticket merely by virtue of the thrills involved? Pirates and Mansion are now referred to as E tickets, even though they were D tickets back in the day, by virtue of the level of their theming and "classic" status (which are thrilling in a different sort of way than, say, Matterhorn or Space Mountain). Is calling something E ticket now more of a designation of quality than a matter of physical intensity? Is it simply a short way of saying "must-see" regardless of the reason?

Is Mission:Space then an F ticket because it is the most physically intense ride they've ever built? Is F ticket even a valid designation given the historical definition of an E ticket? What's the difference between E and a theoretical F? The joke I heard about attractions that could be designated F tickets (most of which are apparently mouldering in the WDI archives) being "so good they'll kill you" isn't really funny anymore. But is it true? Does "so good" necessarily "directly competing with Busch Gardens and Six Flags", or can it (in this day and age of the "bigger is better" thrill ride) be "remember how fucking revolutionary Pirates was when we opened it? Like that"?

For that matter, what is the cut-off between any ticket levels? What's the ideal ratio of A:B:C:D:E:~F rides in a park? Does that ratio change based on the growing population of young adults and the shrinking national population of children, or is it based on Walt's ideal of "a place everyone in the family can enjoy together"? Do F tickets even have a place in a Disney park? Any park?
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Would someone with the blacksmithing skill get a bonus for attacking with a hammer? Or just a reduced difficulty for learning a warhammer skill? I guess that's kind of like asking if a cordwainer gets a first aid bonus on lacerations because they have experience sewing leather. Should certain professions get bonuses for specific combat skills? I will get back to stuff here. Promise.
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Yeah, I'm a slacker who hasn't posted anything lately. I'm sorry. My brain's been all over the map and I haven't been able to pull anything together. If I can get the iFruit online tonight, I'll post a couple things I wrote over the summer. You might get lucky and I'll even polish them first.

In the meantime, I've been thinking about oriflammes and Merovingians, pavilion shapes and whether or not they should have dags, heraldic devices, rules of guest friendship that don't completely handicap the host in the face of a bad guest, nasty pseudo-cat things with pointy teeth, the biology of migrating plants, the proper kind of flag/banner/standard for a herald to carry on a mission, combining Calvinball and that elbow-bumpy game in A Separate Peace and what to call it since JK Rowling has already claimed "shuntbumps", different systems of weregild and familial compensation, clan exogamy, mousse vs. gel, precisely what an orc looks like (I seem to be leaning towards the Warcraft model with a bit of Shrek ogreness thrown in), different systems of animism, regalia, duties of a court herald, geography, and education systems. There's a lot more going on in here than I thought. Anyway, I'm working on straightening it all out and I haven't completely flaked on you. As always, comments are welcome, even random ones that seem to be irrelevant (but probably aren't).
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I'm bad with names. Like really bad. People's names I can sort of cope with, but naming countries or languages or species or whatever, I'm bad at it. Gollums are at the moment called gollums because, well, that's what they are. What else can I call them? Slinking, gangling, smelly grouchy things? I think it's because I believe in calling things what they are. Glamdring=Foehammer=Gandalf kicking all sort of ass. Foehammer is a perfectly good name for a sword. I had a teacher once who named her rapier Etienne. Last time I checked, Etienne was some French pouf's name. Metaphorically, it's an okay name for a Schlager, being an overly-whippy swishypoke, but it just never seemed right to me. Villainpricker or Blackguard Bleeder or something, that's what you call rapiers. Etienne sounds like someone you would take to an existential film festival. So what the hell do I call these things in the dark corners of my mind that are also other things?

I know what I could call them, but I just don't want to think about that right now.
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I hate the word manifesto. It's so damnably political. Mission statement? That's very managementese. Statement of purpose...kind of wordy. Well, here's a thing.

Why am I going through all the trouble of creating a world from scratch? Why don't I start by describing the worlds where I have characters, to which I feel a personal connection through that part of myself that has taken its own name and tells its own stories? I think it is that intimacy I have with those places that keeps me from describing them. It's like asking me to describe my house. There's nothing to build there. I wouldn't know where to start or what would be worth describing. I feel like doing so wouldn't really be a creative process because everything already exists. It's simply there. For this exercise, I feel like I have to have a hand in making something, to know that the ideas are at least in part mine. There's nothing there until I put it there. So Kel and Shan's house, River's tiki bar, Tidal's office, Marlowe's ship, Alex's apartment, they'll all have to wait a bit. It's not like they're going anywhere.

So why this specific world? Of all the things I could come up with, why a generic fantasy world? Well, it what's on my mind right now, since we're playing Dragonlance. It's something that's pissed me off for a while, the way the typical fantasy world is put together. I mean, this is a place full of monoliths. All elves shit lilies, all orcs are chaotic evil, everyone in Solace is a good guy peasant, humans are the only race with any diversity...Tolkien had a solid, mythological reason behind his monoliths like that, but most writers since then have not. I want to build a fantastic world that also makes sense. I want to make a world that makes sense; if it turns out to be fantastic, so much the better. Fantasy just allows me the leeway to do so. Or something like that. This is experiment land I suppose. There's nobody there yet to tell me it doesn't work like that. Nobody there to get me hooked into one story, to confine my focus to one small place around the people talking. There's no point of view, so I can see everything at once if I want to.
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I can see elves drinking out of these:

Can't you?

Picture courtesy of the Monticello Museum Store. I always kicked myself for not buying one while I was there. Maybe once I have Christmas paid off...

Um, hi

Dec. 7th, 2003 11:09 am
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This is where I, [ profile] brokenallbroken, record and hash out my various writing projects and occasionally rant about...stuff. It is also an outlet for my feedback whoreness, as I wouldn't make such a thing even semi-public if I weren't looking for praise, criticism, and suggestions. So, semi-public is indeed the order of the day. Almost all of the entries here will be friends locked, so if you want to read what the hell is happening in my head, add [ profile] projectspace to your friends list and I'll friend you back. As with anything I do or have, if you want to borrow something, ask me FIRST. I have many sadistic bat-winged demons with sharp, pointy teeth at my disposal, and their favorite food is plagiarists.


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