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Birthdate:Dec 27
Location:California, United States of America
Hi! This is exactly what it says it is, space for my projects. I created it specifically for world building, but I might be doing a little intellectual wanking or ranting from time to time. I have a feeling random characters from my various stories will eventually have something to say too.

Most of the entries will be Friends-locked, so if you want to read whatever I'm doing here, add this journal to your friends list and I'll friend you back.

I'm very into private ownership. Like, the opposite of open-source and Communism. This is probably traceable back to group-work in school, when I would come up with all the kick-ass ideas and then someone else would take the credit before I could say anything about it. Anyway, that means I will be excessively unhappy with anyone who borrows or reposts elsewhere what I post here without obtaining my permission to do so first. I would hate for the rest of this "bio" space to become a list of evil plagiarist people, but I'm happy to let everyone I know about what kind of rotten person you are, including the LJ Abuse team.

If you are curious about who I am and what is happening in my life, my personal, and usually public, journal is brokenallbroken.
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